Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Blizzards, whoopie pies, and Hormones

Every person is different, every child is different and so is every pregnancy.  There is no paint by numbers, cookie cutter, one size fits all answer to anything that life throws at us.  If you don't know that by now, have a couple of children and you will soon find out a couple of things.  The first being, you are never as smart as you think you are and the second being sometimes there are no solutions, so just do the best you can and fuck all the opinions out there.  My second pregnancy was way different from my first, the first pregnancy I had an upset stomach from time to time, but I could handle it.  When I was pregnant for baby number 2, I was full on puking all day every day for hours.  Moments I thought I was hungry all I wanted was crackers and ginger ale.  Then being hot all day every day, windows had to be on and open 24-7.  Doesn't sound so bad except it was in the middle of December.  When you take a look around and you see your husband and daughter all bundled up, like they were going outside to make snow forts or some shit, and you are sitting there in shorts and a tank top complaining of the heat.  Your ass might be pregnant or you have a major drug problem and you need to get that shit looked at either way.
 Another difference in the two pregnancies was with the first baby, I craved EVERYTHING and I made no apologies for it either.  Baby number two was different, all I craved when I wasn't puking my guts out, was whoopie pies.  See the picture above for those of you who don't know what they are.
 Our little bundle of joy was not due out of the oven until February.  We live in Maine so our winters can be brutal at times.  There was this one day when I was craving whoopie pies at 8pm at night and our state was in lock down because the snow was verging on epic.  Looking out our kitchen window we couldn't see anything that was a foot in front of us.  However when these cravings hit, if they are not taken care of in timely fashion, full on mood swing will appear and your husband/boyfriend or family member will get the brunt of it.
Even though he didn't want to, Toby ventured out in this record breaking storm to hunt down none other than whoopie pies.  After about 2 hours he made it home safe and sound and had about a case with him.  He proceeded to tell me about his adventure going from all over our city trying to find whoopie pies.  I thanked him so much for his bravery, after all his youngest child depended on it.  He went to one store and they were all out of them, he got back in his truck and drove to the next spot and they were out of them.  He drove all over town, went to every convenience store, grocery store and market in the whole county and everyone was out of fucking whoopie pies!  Finally he hit a little store that was just minutes from our house and low and behold they had them.  After he raided all the whoopie pies paid for them and came home.  He walked into the house like the abominable snowman, he was covered in snow, cheeks red from it being so cold out and a huge bag of whoopie pies.  I say to him " Toby I only wanted 1."  With an angry look on his face his response to me is " Its a fucking mess out there, I almost went off the road two times, I am not getting back out there in this shit, I have no idea how long this is supposed to last, and you will get cravings tomorrow and the next day until you have this fucking kid, so I bought every fucking last one to last a while, shut the hell up and eat your fucking whoopie pie!"  I could tell that it probably wasn't the right moment to bring up the fact we were out of milk after a while you can learn from the cues your spouse gives you.  So I did I kept my mouth shut and ate my whoopie pie.  Took a nap, woke up and puked again. That night when Toby laid down to go to sleep a thought ran through his head all it kept saying like a broken record is "Its amazing I am not drunk."

Here are some pictures:  

February 1st 2007 Bailey Elizabeth was born

Toby had hair and our lives as we knew it would be over!


  1. This may be my favorite one yet!! I LOVE it. And can relate so much. Out of 4 kids, I have 3 girls and one boy. I puked every single day of all 3 pregnancies with the girls. With my son...I didn't puke even once. It's almost like I was allergic to being pregnant with girls or something. Maybe it was just too much estrogen for on person to take. With my son though...I ate cottage cheese like no ones business. He is now 9 yrs. old and the ONLY thing I can get that kid to eat is cottage cheese. he will eat cottage cheese all damn day!!!! It's the weirdest thing because I loved it when I was pregnant but I never eat it now. Oh the things we go through for our kids!!! This just proves even more what an amazing guy you have! He knew in advance that you were definitely going to need more whoopie pies! SMART man!!

    1. He really is a good man but I cannot keep trumping him up because he may get an inflated head about himself. lol seriously though, he has been my rock through most struggles we have gone through. Girls have an effect on us for sure. In my first pregnancy, I had to go to the er a lot because I had a fibroid tumor and didnt know it. One particular time my aunt says to me (before I knew I was having a girl) and she says to me " I wonder if your having a girl because only a girl would give you this much trouble." lol its a running joke in my extended family that the girls always cause more trouble for the mothers than the boys lol.