Thursday, March 19, 2015


There have been a few things on my mind that I feel I must share with you.  After all it wouldn't be in my nature if I didn't.  I will try not to make this post too ranty and ravy however some of these things I am about to share with you piss me off and the rest I am left with a puzzled what the hell look on my face.  

What the Hell Moments to Live by:

1. You met him or her at a certain place and now your all pissed because that is what they do.  An example would be you met your man or woman at a strip club and now you have an issue with them stripping?  Ummm what the hell fuck face?  If you don't want that life maybe you should have called it what it was and moved on.  This also works for the chicks who meet a guy in a bar and have issues with him going to the bar.  Umm exactly what part of you met him in a bar you don't understand?

2.  Mr or Mrs prissy ass pants who has never had kids in their life.  I'm talking about the people who have never helped raise a child or had any contact with the little fuckers, yet they have the perfect solutions for you to raise your child.  Listen Mr and Mrs asshat, until you have had projectile shit up your arm from your little bundle of joy, or had to pick the battle of them wearing their snow pants to school or having it them in  their fucking backpacks, you will never understand the joys and pains of raising children.  Take your judgments and your self righteous attitudes and shove them so far up your ass your projectile puking ok.

3. The McDonald's and taco bell made me fat crowd.  OMG are you fucking kidding me? Those companies are in the business to make money, yet you want to blame them because you have no fucking self control?  Really how about some personal responsibility, don't fucking eat there!  You can make far healthier versions at home there are millions of food bloggers hell I am one of them I could help your ass.  Either that or just go to fucking subway like Jared did.  The point is holding a company responsible for your poor decisions is like me saying its my surgeon's fault that I gained weight after having gastric bypass.  Please move along your pity party is leaving.

4.  The people who say that society judges them because they are too good looking.  What the fuck are you smoking?  There are people who are ending their lives over being bullied, tormented or whatever, yet we want to hear your take on being too pretty?  I don't fucking think so.  Listen I am sure people have their own assumptions about you to some degree however it pales in comparison to the person who is bullied because they are gay, or fat or black or different from someone else.  Just because you are too pretty doesn't mean that what you have gone through is anywhere near the extent of what others have gone through. If you want people to like you I have an idea get a fucking personality for starters and start talking about something other than your self.

5.  The assholes that sue coffee houses because their coffee is too hot.  Really?  you really want to do that?  Unless you ordered an iced coffee your coffee is going to be hot dip shit!  Even if they fuck up your order and gave you a reg. coffee instead of iced coffee that shit can still be fixed.  I don't know about you but where I come from people like their coffee hot generally speaking.  If the coffee is too hot for your overly sensitive mouth, maybe you could save a few bucks and make your own fucking coffee.  I guess we cant have that happen though because then who would you have to blame when your coffee is too hot?  If you are one of these people its time for you to pack up your shit and move into mommy's house or a place where someone can take care of your ass.  As if anyone ever would because you are fucking too difficult for anyone to deal with.

So there are just a few what the hell moments that I had to share with you.  Common sense is less common today than it has been in my entire life.  All I can think some days when stupid shit happens is its amazing I don't drink.  Have a good one everyone.  Heather