Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ode to My Pajamas

There have always been times in my life when I needed something with staying power.  Something that doesn't flake out because I like to keep my finger nail polish in the fridge, (it prevents clumping and makes your nail polish last longer.)  Doesn't judge you because you like garlic or that you like to sleep in a cold room with tons of covers.  For me that one thing has been my favorite pajamas (see the above picture).  Those pajamas have gone the distance and have stood by me more than most people and are older than my children.  Here is a little history to my pajamas, I bought these at fashion bug (years before they folded up and closed their doors.) the day after I found out was pregnant for my oldest daughter.  February 14th 2002 I found out that indeed I was pregnant for my first child.  My first thought was "I demand a fucking retest on this son of a bitch."  When there was no denying the fact that I indeed was with child, I immediately thought, this is strange I have a strange being growing inside me and I don't even know them yet, true story.  My brain doesn't think like a normal person's I immediately wanted to know this stranger.  February 15th 2002, I needed some retail therapy in the worst way.  I saw these pajamas and knew this is the warm cup of tea that I have been searching for.  I wore these pajamas through my entire pregnancy.  I also worked through my entire pregnancy too.  Hence the reason why I don't like people in general.  Sure I love my friends but overall, people I am not fan of.  On nights at work when I would get the 70th 17 year old kid walking through the store saying " I'm 21 like honestly, just accept my Massivetwoshits driver's license."  My response was always we dont accept out of state id's sorry.  What I wanted to say was you take your spoiled brat attitude and go pound sand mother fucker because one day you will realize daddy's money runs out now get the actual fuck out of the store before I throw you out.  On rough nights like that and more these jammies were a saving grace.  I would go home to my tiny one bedroom apartment, turn on some moby, take a long bubble bath with nothing but candles everywhere and relax and drift away from all the bullshit.  Then put my jammies on and it was like a bad day never happened.  Through a very bad break up that I don't like talking about, to finding my current husband, and through my second pregnancy, these pajamas have been home to me.  Sure there has been a lot that has happened good bad and indifferent since the purchase of these pajamas.  One thing has remained true, I still wear them, they are still just as comforting, and they have no holes but they fill the holes of comfort that without them I wouldn't have.  Of course tripping over the pant legs is a regular occurrence, I can see past that.  Have a great day everyone and ItsamazingIdontdrink.