Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Baby Powder Incident

Before I get into today's post I want to thank you all for your support.  When I first started toying with the idea of creating another blog, I wasn't exactly sure how it would be received if at all. So thank you very much!
 Being a single mom in the toddler years it was a learning experience.  For example when laying on the couch with said toddler it isn't wise to try to pick up one of their toys to hand it to them.  Sure its all innocent and fun at first until you bang your heads together, ironically enough there were no brilliant ideas just a black eye for mom to wear to work.  I would love to say this is the first and only time having a toddler in the house was painful.  However there have been times when in a pitch black bed room, in the middle of the night you startle awake only to see big blue eyes staring back at you with no expression on their face.  Very reminiscent to Poltergeist.  Of course I went flying from my bed screaming like crazed woman, and it sent my daughter screaming for dear life too. After all she never saw the movie.  She is now 11 and still wont because I am that mom that doesn't let her kids do anything apparently.  Also its probably a wise idea to never and I mean NEVER, turn your back for a second.  Even if you have a full view of them, they are quick little suckers and can make a toy out of everything.  Baby powder is no exception to this rule.  Baby powder is so fun it goes everywhere, you can wear it, just refer to the picture above and it makes for great household decoration.  Just look at the wonderful art work mine did to my couch

Needless to say we were still cleaning out baby powder when we got rid of the old blue bomb.  Hey at least it smelled nice.  As quick as hiccup your toddler has so much possibility and can accomplish it in such little time.  The Olympics have nothing on a toddler.  
Although I wouldn't trade those years for anything in the world there are moments where I slam the soft spot in my head on the freezer door.  I am reminded of all the times I had slammed that very same soft spot, on the frame of my two door car getting my toddler in and out of her car seat, and hearing her non stop laughter about it.  It hurts just as much today as it did the very first time I did it.  Guess what that same child will still laugh hysterically when I hurt my head.  
At the end of the day when your toddler is sleeping, its time for mom to put ice on the black eye, maybe turn on the bathroom light so at least its not pitch black, clean up the baby powder and unwind.  Also its a good time to think to yourself "oh lord what in the world will tomorrow bring?"  And to always say to yourself before drifting off to sleep, its amazing I don't drink.

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