Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Legend of the Snow Midget

The Snow Midget

A long time ago back when my blended family was in its infancy, the snow midget was born.  He walked for miles but always had to stay in the freezing cold because well.... he was made of snow.  He didn't bring presents or candy he brought chips, salsa and beer.  Lots of beer.  Of course it was root beer, because well we aren't a bunch of drunks ya know. He landed on my back door on our first snow together as a family.  Riding on my daughter's barbie bike and he was wearing her hat and scarf.  None the less my daughter loved him.  She thought he was so funny.  As her and her father were building him from what little bit of snow we got that first snow, I thought to myself, self that is one ugly ass snow man.  However it made my little girl happy and that is all that really matters.  Hilarity did ensue when my husband scurried around the back yard looking for patches of snow to build him.  Toby hardly dressed for the weather and back then he had a lot more hair too, was turning red in the face and on the hands.  The snow midget took them most of the afternoon to build and when I say them, I mean mostly Toby lol.  What can I say he loves that little girl. 

As the snow midget was being built they realized he isn't going to have much character just being a small snow midget so we gave him a motorcycle , a pink one.  Found some sticks for hands and legs and now the snow midget has style.  I would put him on pintrest with instructions on how to make him but I don't want to brag about my daughter and husband's genius skill building. 

After he was built, root beers, chips and salsa for everyone and then they all took naps.  I guess an afternoon of snow midget building was hard work and that snow midget hung out with us all winter long.  Christmas eve we decorated his bike with some tinsel and a couple of ornaments.  This is just one of the funner times of living in a climate where it snows.  Because you yourself can build yourself a snow midget and he can have his very own adventures.  Like the time my daughter took his legs off to sword fight with one of her other friends.  They put his limbs back when they were finished playing and the snow midget was very happy they did.  

However if your snow midget ever tries to come inside your house or starts peeking through your windows its probably best to get some hot water send that snow midget to snow midget heaven.  No I am not drunk as I am writing this and yes its amazing I don't drink.  

Snow midget be ridin

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  1. This was one of the Best Daddy/Daughter Moments in History!