Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hell Yeah I am Pissed and You Should be too!

I am going to change gears here a little bit, why?  Because I can and because this is my blog and I think I have the creative ability to do just that.  As with most of you yesterday I heard the heart breaking news about Robin Williams.  I felt sad for the fact that there will be no more amazing movies, comedy shows or even interviews with this amazing and prolific actor.  I was and still am a huge fan of  Euphegenia Doubtfire and laughed until it physically hurt in Good Morning Vietnam.  That was yesterday, today I am pissed.

Why do you ask?  Because aside from being such a living legend and very versatile in his craft. Robin Williams was a family man, he was happily married had grown children, and had remarkable resources just by being, Robin Williams.  Good person and funny man also suffered from depression, this is not why I am pissed however.  Depression and bipolar are real diseases and should earn your respect because there is no amount of money, medication or self help out there to cure it.  It is manageable though, my husband suffers from those same diseases and its a battle for him daily but you know what, he doesn't think about fucking killing himself.  For those of you who have not heard yet, my husband and I are getting divorced but that doesn't mean I don't still care about him or want the very best for him, he's still my best friend and will continue to be my best friend until I die.  With all that being said though, there is help available and there would have been more help at Robin Williams fingertips than my husband's.  Some people are all pissed off because Shepherd Smith called him a coward, don't be pissed at Shep for speaking the obvious.  He was a fucking coward!  He knew a month ago he needed help and got into a rehab facility, however he should have also took some of the $ he has and got a top notch therapist as well.  I am not saying if he did those things it would be easy, but the mother fucker would be alive today, to be able to see his kids have kids and maybe even teach one of his grand kids his craft of comedy.  However he had to throw that all away!  Suicide is not about just the person committing it, its about the family that has to live with the fact that someone they called daddy or someone they promised their lives to or in some cases gave birth to killed themselves.  In my opinion that makes them no better than some strange asshole off the streets coming in and killing them.  I am no more mad at a murderer than I am with someone who kills themselves.  ITS THE MOST SELFISH FUCKING THING TO DO!   You leave behind so many people that fucking love your ass and they have to somehow pick up the fucking pieces!  Are you fucking kidding me?????  just for loving your ass alone is punishment enough!  Egocentric sons of bitches is what I call them because they are only looking at their pain, their feelings.  I know what I am saying is not popular and not even fucking politically correct but these are my thoughts my feelings about an act that you cannot come back from.  Robin Williams could have made millions of movies and tv shows that failed and he has but he was able to come back from that but this .... no there is no coming back from this shit. Dead is dead and if you feel that you need take your life to make whatever hurt you have going on inside you, think about your kids, think about the family you leave behind that wishes and begs if there was only just one more day with you you may be alive.  They live with that torture for the rest of their lives.  It all could have been avoided if you just got the help you needed. 

If you know someone or you are someone that needs help before its too late place contact these people or someone in your local area.


I want to add that when I wrote this post this was my knee jerk reaction.  Like many of you I was and still am a huge fan of Robin Williams.  I was so saddened to learn he took his own life.  The fact of the matter is we can get mad as I did, or we can understand that dancing in the deep dark corners of depression its hard to see the light.  All I am asking anyone is if you notice the signs be the light for the person who needs it.  Be that candle in the wind if you will or try to find the resources to get help for that person before its too late.  I know there are times that there are no signs visible to anyone else.  All I can do is offer you prayers and my love.  I know this post was very inflammatory to some, I was hurt and angry about the loss of such true talent.   Take care of yourselves.  Heather


  1. You are right...this is your blog and you have every right to have your opion on your blog. I guess I just see things a little differently. I agree that it's not fair that loved ones should have to be forced to deal with the aftermath of suicide. And I agree that he obviously knew he needed help a month ago when he went into rehab. But that was then and this is now. If his mind had him convinced that his loved ones, and the rest of the world, would be better off without him, how was he supposed to change that? If he's thinking rationally he can change it, but if he's not, he's convinced that his loved ones, and the rest of the world, would be better off without him.

    1. You are right, we do not know what was going through his mind at the time. I tried to take the side of the family that is left behind. I have seen it with my own eyes how the torment of losing a loved one to suicide eats at them every day of their lives. I understand more than some do about what depression and bi polar does to the mind as well and makes one believe. However not everyone who suffers from depression and bi polar take their own lives. These are the facts with Robin Williams, he comes from a rich family and he himself has money too. He has a loving and supportive family and that to me tells me that if something was off with him his family would have known. I know you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink, but when you become a risk to your own life its time for authorities to step in. I am not trying to blame anyone but suicide is not just about the person killing themselves. Its about the pain and anguish that is left behind, that is why I call it a selfish act because he may have thought their lives were better off without him but reality says differently. I know its a sad situation however I cannot believe that he was in a situation where there was no help. My husband battles with this disease every single day of his life. There are times its hard and lately its been harder than ever because of the divorce. If he can look into his little girl's eyes and know its far more important for him to keep their father alive that tells me that no one is too far gone for help. There is more help available than ever before and its cowardly to not use the resources available. Thank you for thoughts and opinions and the respectful dialogue. Take care and God bless. Heather